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November 14, 2006


Noah Dorrance

I just found this one at Pretty funny commentary on kinds of farts:


you forgot the multi-rip walking fart: a fart that rips out in a sequence of several smaller farts due to the open and closing motion of the cheeks during a brisk stride.




wat bout the sbd(silent but deadly)
very silent but can knock out a giant

amy parker

my sister have ones which are like shabnaz the gay paki puff ...pufff. lol she thinks she is so funny but they are deadly she gased out my grandda one day the day later god bless his soul he carked it

nessan hehe check out this list also..


voice of the toothless one

pandora armband

Thank you ,it's really useful.


I think this is very good!



this is so funny i did the barking spider fart

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