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August 19, 2007


Fart Fart

Very cool stuff :) I like it :)

Fart Fart

What do you say about this ? LOL

fart sounds

don't eat to much beans :P


I love this site


this is funny


this is so hilarious!!!


gillian sloane miller

this website is totally lame. i mean like farting sounds. for you hot singles on this webpage. please e-mail me for a date at don't worry i'm hot and 22.


lol tartar sauce

jessica colon

this is really fun to play with while making people laugh


that was awesome


i held the phone up to my friend and she said she is so grosed out it is not even pretty i think she ment throughing up aka


omg i love farts


I like wet farts by the way my brother farts a lot of wet farts and sometimes when he does them poop slips out. It is so funny until you have to clean it up


But seriously it isn't fun or funny cleaning the poop up,laugh out loud

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