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Fartifacts is the brainchild of 8yr. old Landen Miller. Wait until you see this site! It truly is the best fart site on the internet. Not that we're biased or anything :-) But seriously, go check it out and you'll see we're not kidding.

Landen is on a mission to make $1,000,000.

Fartifacts is the home of the fart button and the million dollar fart page and was created from a bet that Landen had with his mom. Landen is always trying to find ways to earn money and one day his mom suggested that he was old enough to start mowing lawns. And he said, "Mowing lawns? I want to go for the big money!! She in turn said, "Well, you need to do what you love." And, Landen said, "I love farting!!". Mom said, "I don't think that you could make too much money selling farts." And, in reply Landen said, "I bet I could make a million dollars!".

Not wanting to squash the dreams of a budding entrepreneur Mom said that if he really thought he could do it she would help to build him a web site for him to peddle "his wares". And thus was born and the Farts R Fun fart blog. The site has been so much fun for his whole family. Landen is lucky to have many 'contributing editors' at his disposal. Everything you find at the Fartifacts web site and the Farts R Fun fart blog are all his ideas. Mom just helped him put it all together.

Landen hopes that his web site is the first place people go to when they need anything having to do with farts and farting. And he mostly hopes that while they're there they'll get a good laugh.

He and his family both hope that on his quest he can help put a smile on a few faces out there.